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Lease Option To Buy Homes

Lease Options to Buy Homes


Lease option to buy homes. Do you want to know all the benefits involved in signing a lease option agreement with Zero Gravity Homes? The real estate market is currently full of excellent opportunities for people looking to have a place of their own. Acquiring a lease option home with us is a superb path towards finally reaching your independence, with small steps. You will now take a closer look at all the details involved in purchasing your home through Zero Gravity Home.


Know More About Our Lease Option Services


An option contract allows a tenant like you to pay a small sum – varying from 1% to 5% of the house’s market price – in exchange for a granted chance of acquisition later. That said, there is more than making sure that you will be able to cover the rent every month. By picking a lease option, you need to make sure this first upfront payment is ready. The option fee is what precisely differs a tenant from someone who gets the chance to buy it later, with no competition. You should have assistance in negotiating a price that best suits your needs. With Zero Gravity Home, you get only the best possible offers.


The Right Terms for You


The agreement between those who chose the lease option to buy homes is a critical stage. You could decide everything orally at first, with a friendly conversation somewhere. However, remember that only what is written and signed will grant your rights, including the right to purchase for a given price. That said, you need a service that develops a professional contract between both parties. Our services can grant you everything you need. Among the things to include in such agreement, we can mention:


  • Term;
  • Fixed price for purchase;
  • Rent payment date;
  • Due penalties for default;
  • Noise, number or allowance of pets and other aspects that can be limited.


Also, while it isn’t your home, your landlord may continue to be liable for significant maintenances related to the structure. Not paying attention to it might add an extra cost while accumulating money to purchase the house. Fortunately, such matters are taken into consideration when you hire a specialized team like Zero Gravity Homes.

Now that you know the main points of lease option you want from a prospective landlord, let’s continue with our review. Following this paragraph, a few points on finding the best place for your new home.


Get Support to Find the Right Spot


With Zero Gravity Homes, finding anything became much more relaxed. We are sure you will be able to find the perfect place with us. Hiring a specialized team can offer much more than just safety to your process. Don’t worry, our offers have no out of pocket fees. You can let skilled professionals from Zero Gravity Homes who have studied the matter to provide you the best possible services.

Also, finding a team that can scan the best place where you want to live is a plus, thanks to the technology available. It’s an advantage, to receive quality advisory on picking a neighborhood.

You are taking one of the major decisions of your life, regarding both life changes and money cost, so you need to be sure. With Zero Gravity Homes and our outstanding reputation, we will help you to locate your next house with no worries.


Avoid Traps Along the Way


Besides putting all the points indicated to include in an agreement, there are a few more things to look after. For instance, it’s crucial to make sure you are signing a lease option to buy homes. In case you sign off a lease purchase contract, the landlord will have the right to demand your acquisition. You want the possibility to do that, not to be obliged.

Once you are satisfied with a place you have found, the next step involves a little research. You must know the purposes of the seller and information about him, such as his reputation and credit reports. Also, the property could be hiding a defect that isn’t tangible, such as taxes and liens. Let Zero Gravity Homes take care of these matters. With the right support, those concerns won’t ever bother your thoughts.


Get the Most Out of the Deal


Sellers willing to accept a rent-to-own contract such as lease option are often in need of constant income. Most probably, they would sell the house if they had the customers to do so. The current prices in the real estate market aren’t appealing enough for people to pay in full at first. That’s enough reason to make sure you close the best deal, especially regarding the fixed price.

If you want to lower the final price and can afford higher rent, you can even include monthly credit. After a period such as 3 to 5 years, an extra amount paid every month makes a difference. Your fixed price, probably to cover with a mortgage, will be much lower if you can offer such credit.

Specialists from Zero Gravity Homes can make sure it will result in the best possible deal. They are prepared to analyze the entire market, to negotiate according to your interest.


Hire Now


A lease option is the perfect type of agreement for people who aren’t in a rush or can’t afford to own a house at the moment. You’ll get the right to purchase it at a later time, while you fix or prepare what is due. The best aspect of it all is the possibility to grant a price smaller than it will probably cost in the future.

With Zero Gravity Homes prepared to elaborate a safe contract between you and your future landlord, you will have time to manage your income to accumulate enough for a later purchase.

You have already taken the most crucial decision in this process. Now, don’t let minor problems or complex procedures make you lose a great opportunity. The path towards purchasing the house of your dreams, just like many people who used the lease option to buy homes, is in front of you.

Hire the best available support in the market for lease options and become a homeowner with our support and guidance.